Protecting and restoring the Rahway River and its ecosystem


Public initiatives to protect and restore the Rahway River

Greenway Concept Plan

Making the Rahway River Greenway Concept Plan a Reality

In partnership with the City of Rahway, the RRA hired the RBA Group to develop the Rahway River Greenway Concept Plan.  Made part of the City of Rahway Master Plan in 2006, the 2 mile greenway envisions a bucolic riverfront trail for nature observation, fishing and as an alternative mode of travel and pedestrian traffic.
RRA obtained a Green Acres grant for the City of Rahway of $80,000.00 to buy a 4 acre parcel in 2006.

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Neighborhood Biodiversity


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Neighborhood Biodiversity Programs

The Rahway River Association’s Neighborhood Biodiversity Program is a new initiative intended to restore, enhance and manage public lands for increase biodiversity values on public lands for the benefit of all.  Connecting the communities with the Neighborhood Biodiversity Sites, the Rahway River Association’s Celebrate the Rahway River program promotes guided nature walks, bird watching treks and natural history presentations for the public.  Raising awareness, conducting environmental education, building community support, creating a sense of ownership and preserving our natural heritage forever begins with you.